About Us


The Digidoor brand occupies a unique position in the South African garage door and automation industry, as its only end-to-end manufacturer with a truly national footprint, specialising in the production of doors, hardware, motors and electronic components.

As a born and bred local manufacturer and a truly South African company – producing many of our own garage doors, mechanisms, proprietary hardware and components, including electronic units and related items locally from start to finish –  we are strongly positioned to offer a wide range of quality products, supported by comprehensive after-sales service, back-up and availability of product spares, as well as maintenance and service call-outs, nationwide.

Widely recognised for the quality and durability of our products, we are committed to developing innovative solutions for what is often underestimated as the largest moving piece of hardware in any residential structure.  And in September 2017 we introduced yet another locally manufactured innovation: a first of its kind, roll-up door opener with battery back-up, designed to revolutionise the automation of roll-up garage doors in South Africa. Aptly named the Paratrak, this system utilises a symmetrical drive mechanism different to all others on the market.

Further proof of our commitment to the safety, superior quality standards and reliability of the Digidoor range is emphasized by the sheer numbers of our products in use across the country, from luxury homes to affordable housing.


Hydro Doors and Gates (Pty) Ltd. – the company behind the Digidoor brand – developed the first product to carry the Digidoor name, which was an electronic garage door opener created for the residential market. It was launched in 1984 and won the Shell Design Award for “Good Product Design” in 1985. The brand grew from strength to strength, winning the Design Institute’s award for good industrial design in 1994 for its DigiDoor II product.

When 2008 saw the initiation of the dreaded concept of “load-shedding” the company was able to quickly introduce its Digidoor III operator. This was a first of its kind, with battery back-up and a full chain system, offering home-owners the assurance that their assets would remain safe even during power outages.

This very popular device was complemented in 2012 by the launch of the Digi-One door operator, taking the market by storm as a result of its ability to offer 1,000Nm of torque and the same security features as the rest of the range, but at a more affordable cost – bringing quality garage door automation within easier reach of virtually all South Africans.